Research is the crucial element of the DeSidera festival. We believe that it is essential not only to encourage artists through the prize but also to offer them, and art lovers, the opportunity to discover or deepen specific topics and sectors that gravitate around the artistic act.
We organized more than 15 workshops, and we interviewed the guests holding the meetings before unveiling all the information.
In fact, laboratories and conferences arise from the need to create a dimension in which interlocutors can experiment and confront. What could be the best way to start working together if not by showing up? Interviews with our experts will be available on social channels. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or if you need more information!
We wanted to allow you to speak to them, so you’ll meet them soon on our social channels! We can barely wait.
Professionals in the sector, artists, curators and volunteers work together to create a meeting and exchange point. Are you interested in discovering the background of the art world? Contact us and apply to collaborate with us and live a formative and engaging experience! Send an email to info@festivaldesidera.com.

Enea Chersicola
Author: Enea Chersicola