Desidera Festival: join and connect with the international art scene

Painting and Graphic Art / Photography and Digital art / Sculpture and Art Installation / Performance and Video Art
Prizes for a total value of €17.000
conferences, workshops, events and meetings
Trieste New DEADLINE July, 11th 2021

The DeSidera Contemporary Art Festival aims to promote emerging artists from all over the world. 
The city of Trieste will host a series of exhibitions in some prestigious locations, displaying works belonging to different artistic disciplines.
Within the festival, prizes up to an amount of € 17,000 will be awarded, along with collaborations with many international art realities coming from various partners across Europe.
This two-month event will see conferences, workshops, events and meetings with personalities from the art world.

  • Meet the experts
    There’s something new! You can find videos about our workshops on the “Tivarnella Art” YouTube channel. “Business models applied to art”, held by Enea Allen Chersicola, will help you understand how to transform the works into value offered to a specific segment of clientele. Elena Faleschini de Corato and Pablo Augusto Garelli with “Matter, Form… Read more: Meet the experts
  • DeSidera News
    Keep following us because our tabloid will be out very soon! You will find a lot of information about the dates of the festival’s exhibitions and venues. In addition, we will also reveal something more about the workshops such as dates and costs and much more. Don’t miss it!
  • We are updating our workshops
    We are updating our workshops The next update regarding the workshops is coming soon. On the dedicated page you will find all the details about the topics that will be discussed during the meetings. If you don’t want to miss any news, keep an eye on the website and on the page of the workshops.… Read more: We are updating our workshops
  • How will the DeSidera festival take place if the health emergency persists?
    Considering the ongoing health emergency, the staff hopes for a better situation in the months in which the Festival Desidera will take place. The festival will not be cancelled or postponed if this is not the case, it will happen in alternative forms.If future safety regulations become more restrictive, therefore, the DeSidera Festival will take… Read more: How will the DeSidera festival take place if the health emergency persists?
    Sharing is extremely important to completely experience a contemporary art festival like DeSidera. Our team welcomes those who want to get involved and experience the organizational backstage of the event. Professionals in the sector, artists, curators and volunteers work together to create a meeting point.Live an educational and engaging experience! If you are interested in… Read more: JOIN OUR TEAM
    The international jury of the award is composed of 12 contemporary art experts. We interviewed the members, to properly introduce them, and let you know their different views on contemporary art topics. What is their story? In a work of art, what are they looking for? And what about that artist?We wanted to allow you… Read more: THE JURORS HAVE THE FLOOR
  • DeSidera is Social
     DeSidera IS SOCIAL. DeSidera Festival’s social channels are now open. The goal of the event is to involve artists and art enthusiasts. Exchange and dialogue, this is what the Festival represents for us, begin with our daily commitment through our social networks, a valuable source of information and communication.You can follow us on Facebook and… Read more: DeSidera is Social
    Research is the crucial element of the DeSidera festival. We believe that it is essential not only to encourage artists through the prize but also to offer them, and art lovers, the opportunity to discover or deepen specific topics and sectors that gravitate around the artistic act.We organized more than 15 workshops, and we interviewed… Read more: A WORD FROM THE EXPERTS