DeSidera, the international contemporary art prize divided into four categories, promotes the visibility and talent of emerging artists during two months of exhibitions and events dedicated to art. The 12 members of the international jury will select the works to be exhibited in more than 15 expositions and award prizes to the winners.

Prizes for a total value of €17.000

First absolute prize of the festival DeSidera: € 4.000

Winners in every section:

First prize painting and graphic art section: € 1,000 
First prize sculpture and art installation section: € 1,000 
First prize photography and digital art section: € 1,000 
First prize performance and video art, short films and performance art section: € 1,000

8 Special Prize DeSidera

 The commission will choose 8 artists to receive the Desidera Special Award. This award consists of a project tailored to each artist, customized from time to time to their creative study. Exhibitions, publications, contemporary art fairs and other tools made available by the A.C.I.S. will be considered. The works of the artists winning the Special Awards will remain the exclusive property of the artists.


Special prize for an artist born after January 1st,1991

4 “Solo exhibition” prizes

(reserved for artists subscribing 10 works): the award will be given to 4 artists selected by the commission and will consist of the planning of a personal exhibition to be held in one of the festival partners galleries.


A bilingual catalogue containing an overview of the festival, photographic reproductions, information on the selected works and presentation texts will be available for each exhibition. Each participating artist will receive a free copy.
It will also be possible to purchase a box set dedicated to all the festival events and exhibitions, collecting the individual publications.
Each artist will be entitled to a discount equal to 50% of the price on the additional copies they buy. On the website, there will be a low-resolution digital version with free use.