Tivarnella Art Consulting

The Tivarnella Contemporary Art Gallery is the exhibition space of the homonymous art consulting studio, the location is dedicated to exhibitions and expositions by contemporary artists. Tivarnella Art Consulting collaborates with masters as with emerging artists, engaging in activities ranging from curating, publishing, sponsor research, marketing, communication, etc., on a national and international level. The projects often pay special attention to the enhancement of the local artistic legacy.

Sala Xenia

Sala Xenìa is the exhibition venue of the Greek Orthodox community of Trieste, located on the Banks, a short walk from Piazza Unità d’Italia. The room, located in the historic city centre, enjoys wide use and is home to exhibitions and events involving international artists and professionals.
Villa Margherita – Studio Psacaropulo

Villa Margherita – Studio Psacaropulo

Villa Margherita, built in 1856 on a project attributed to G. A. Berlam,  tells the story of architectural and family history and also houses a rich collection of modern and contemporary works of art, standing as a place of great cultural interest.
It has been hosting the artist Alice Psacaropulo’s atelier for more than fifty years, now a private and multipurpose museum space, and home to the Studio. Born to protect and enhance the memory and artistic heritage of Alice Psacaropulo, it promotes initiatives between research and dissemination, creating a dialogue between the exhibition venue and contemporary artists.

Polvere d’arte

The Aps Art Powder association is based in Trieste and has been dedicated for more than ten years to the promotion, through training and dissemination, of the figurative arts. This meeting space, designed to be enjoyed both by professionals and users, is a reality that stimulates contemporary artistic research and dialogue. The proposed exhibitions are linked to the need to make the artistic process a vehicle for broad communication.

Piccola Fenice

Prestigious multi-purpose exhibition hall built from the ashes of the Piccola Fenice theatre inside a historic building located in the centre of the city of Trieste. The space, belonging to the Warzila-Fincantieri Club, hosts exhibitions, concerts and events in an evocative architectural setting of Habsburg taste.

Immobiliare Art
Immobiliare Art is a real estate trading “workshop” based in Sistiana, founded to create a meeting point between the technical-commercial activity and the exhibition and curating activity. It proposes exhibitions by selected contemporary artists, with the purpose to create a showroom and build a constant dialogue with the studio customers.

Villa Prinz