How will the DeSidera festival take place if the health emergency persists?

Considering the ongoing health emergency, the staff hopes for a better situation in the months in which the Festival Desidera will take place. The festival will not be cancelled or postponed if this is not the case, it will happen in alternative forms.
If future safety regulations become more restrictive, therefore, the DeSidera Festival will take all necessary measures.
In case of a total closure of activities in the scheduled period, the exhibitions will still be fully set up and become virtually usable.
The openings and prizegiving will be broadcast live on all social media of the festival; each exhibition produced by the curator will also be presented and described online.
The event catalogue will be sent to participants and any buyers, and it will also be available in tabloid format.
The workshops: if it is not possible to attend in person, all the meetings will be held electronically through the video call platforms in webinar mode.
The organization will plan staggered visits to welcome users in complete safety in case of a partial closure of activities calling for a limited number of visitors.
Visits will be made upon reservation, with health checks at each access, and there will also be an audio guide available related to the different exhibitions.
The award ceremony and the workshops will be usable in mixed mode: in person, respecting the maximum limit dictated by the rules that will be in force, and in live streaming with the help of video call platforms, for everybody not physically able to participate.
The production of the catalogue and the distribution of the tabloid will take place as previously stated.
The staff, therefore, guarantees the total performance of the DeSidera Festival in September, October and November. For any information, you can contact us by email or through our social channels. We are waiting for you!

Enea Chersicola
Author: Enea Chersicola