The DeSidera International Contemporary Art Festival has developed a path dedicated to experienced, emerging and amateur artists consisting of a series of workshops held by professionals in different sectors.
The objective is to create several meetings that vary from the practice of artistic discipline to lessons related to professionalizing and specialized topics.
You can purchase an unlimited number of tickets, always within the limits of the availability of the seats provided for each workshop. Participation in the workshops is not related to registration for the award.
We designed laboratories to be available in the presence and webinars, to satisfy even those who cannot physically take part in it.


Paolo Cervi Kervischer

Tutored by Nino Perizi at the Free School of Figures at the Civic Revoltella Museum, he graduated in painting with Emilio Vedova at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. He works in Italy and abroad in solo exhibitions. (Trieste, Venice, Padua, Bologna, Milan, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Germany, Hungary, Bosnia). He teaches Modern and Contemporary Art, Artistic Anatomy, Drawing and Painting in his Laboratory and is a visiting professor of art history at the University of Banja Luka.

Franco Chersicola

Painter and engraver, he has exhibited in numerous expositions in Italy and abroad (Salzburg, Budapest, Bucharest, New York, Washington). He is the founder and first president of the Associazione Culturale Il Sestante. For over 20 years, his studio, through seminars and workshops, has been a place of reference for countless artists.

Đorđe Ćorić

Born in Vrbas, Serbia, he currently works and creates in Srbobran. He attended the Academy of Arts at the University of Novi Sad, where he specialized in printmaking. He has exhibited in Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, USA, Canada and Mexico. He has won numerous international awards and honours and is part of The Wandering Trace Project at the Novi Sad Academy of Arts.

Elena Faleschini de Corato e Pablo Augusto Garelli

Elena Faleschini de Corato specializes in sculpture, at the “G. Da Udine”, with Luigi Perissinotto, Emilio Caucig, Licia Annibaldi and Raimondi Jesse. 
She participated in several solo and group exhibits, winning numerous prizes, and she was involved in public shows in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Umbria, Sardinia, Molise, Austria and England.

Pablo Augusto Garelli is a native of Bueno Aires; he graduated first as Master of Art and then as Professor of Sculpture at the Academy. 
He moved to Italy with the sculptor William McCor and dedicated himself to the processing of stone and wood; he is one of the founders of the “On the Side of the Ortike” group. He has created monuments and has participated in international solo and collective exhibitions.

Riccardo Tripodi

An informal artist, he has designed and curated contemporary art exhibitions in Italy and Slovenia with national and international artists. He is co-founder of the Lynx Prize and organizer of the Open Way project, realized in Verona and later presented in Slovenia; guest of international juries, he has been published in catalogues and magazines of the sector. He designs and creates websites for artists and takes care of their web promotion.

Enea Allen Chersicola

After his academic studies in Venice, he took part in countless group and personal exhibitions, in Italy and abroad. After obtaining a master’s degree in Anthropology, he dedicated himself to curatorial, training and artistic management activities. He also writes for sector magazines and curates catalogues and art books. President of the Associazione Culturale Il Sestante, in 2018, he created Tivarnella Art Consulting: an artistic consulting firm and a contemporary art gallery.

Luigi Carli

He has conducted photographic campaigns on classical architecture, obtaining a post-graduate diploma in Classical Archaeology. He has dealt with museum didactics, cataloguing and photographic documentation of archaeological artefacts in numerous museums. He has contributed to the realization of tourist-cultural projects, has organized archaeological and historical-artistic exhibitions in Tunis, London, Paris and Cyprus.

Chiara Gomiselli

Born in Trieste, out of the University, she lived in Austria, Brazil and Taiwan and then moved to Florence, where she dedicated herself to Urban Sketching and entrepreneurial activities. She founded the Chiara Go Arts brand, creating the Italia Grand Sketching Tour and created “The Artist Accelerator”, an artists’ community in which she gives her skills in business, digital marketing and mindset.

Samantha Benedetti

She dedicated herself to sports dance, competing internationally and performing in Italy and abroad. In the performance field, she studied various disciplines, from classical to contemporary. After studying humanities in the university field, she approached the theatre world, engaging herself in choreography, direction and composition. She works in the artistic and curatorial profession at Tivarnella Art Consulting.

Lorenzo Zuffi

Graduated actor at the Academy of Dramatic Arts “City of Trieste” he works with permanent theatres and independent companies, films and commercials, both Italian and international. He participates in the creation of cultural, artistic and dramatic realities, and is involved in social and community projects through the performing arts. Artistic director of eTielleZeta, organizer of cultural events and festivals, coach in the field of communication, he is also the founder of “Vitale-spettacoli per il business”, a creative cultural start-up.

Mario Feroce

Settled in France, he pursued training in conducting operas after a career as a musician and a director. He became an assistant director at the Monte-Carlo Opera and attended the “Ipotesi Cinema” Institute of E. Olmi, studying with P. L. Pizzi and M. Wallman. He made and directed professional short films, theatre and small operas, working in theaters such as those of Nice, Cannes, Messina.